Will Shakspeare

Will creates his works of art from his workshop in Langport, north Dorset.
His designs are constantly evolving and he deliberately designs glass with a random factor, an aspect that is beyond his control. “I try and use colour so that it affects the final shape of the piece in a natural and fluid way. In doing this I have to work with the glass rather than completely imposing my own constrictions. Glass, as I know it, is a fluid material and I try and reflect that in my work. Above all I want my work to speak for itself.”

Blue Shimmer – £225
WS Blue Shimmer

Blue Flotsam – £185
WS Blue Flotsam

Aqua Flotsam – £185
WS Aqua Flotsam

Blue Sea Urchin – £175
WS Sea Urchin 1

Aqua Free Form – £750
WS Aqua Free Form

Reds – £225
WS Reds

Gaudi Vase – £195
WS Gaudi Vase

Column Vase – £250
WS Column Vase 2

Lustre Rocks

WS Nougat 1

WS Red Flotsam

WS Pebble

WS Random