Gina Marshall (Pen and Ink)

Gina Marshall is an emerging, locally taught artist who turned her hand to creating beautiful contemporary art in 2014.

Taking inspiration from linocuts, doodle art, patchwork and pointillism, Gina has created her own unique style of interpreting the beautiful Dorset coast and she has quickly become a Cove Gallery favourite.

Gina works with ink on watercolour paper, sometimes painting the ink on first, and adding detail with light resistant fine liner pens.

Her original work has proven to be extremely popular and we have commissioned Gina to create a new collection for the Cove Gallery which has been added to this month.

Along Trinity Road (80x60cm) £695 Framed
GM Along Trinity Road 2

Bowleaze Sea Views (70x60cm) £595 Framed
GM Bowleaze Sea Views 2

Weymouth’s Fleet SOLD
GM Weymouth's Fleet 2

Summer at Sandsfoot Castle (60x55cm) £350 Framed
GM Summer at Sandsfoot Castle

Trinity View, Weymouth Harbour SOLD
GM Trinity View Weymouth Harbour

Walking the Dog, Greenhill Gardens (60x70cm) £350 Framed
GM Walking the Dog Greenhill Gardens

Winter at Durdle Door (55x55cm) £325 Framed
GM Winter at Durdle Door

Harbourside Yachts SOLD
GM Harbourside Yachts

Harbour Sunrise – Original Sold – Prints Available £75
GM Harbour Sunrise

Weymouth Jubilee – Original Sold – Prints Available £175
GM Weymouth Jubilee

Weymouth Harbour – Original Sold – Prints Available £175
GM Weymouth Harbour

Red Boats at Bowleaze Cove – Original Sold – Prints Available £75
GM Red Boats

Red Boat in Lulworth Cove – Original Sold – Prints Available £75
GM Lulworth Cove