Jan Nelson

Jan Nelson is a mainly self-taught artist, apart from 3 years study with the Open College of the Arts and has been painting for over 25 years.

Jan works full time from her studio in the lovely East Neuk of Fife and with the sea nearby her painting can be combined with her other great love of sailing. She makes regular trips around the coast of Britain and particularly to the West Coast of Scotland both for sailing and to observe the changing scenery and find new ideas for her work.

Although the majority of Jan’s work relates to the sea, she is also an accomplished landscape painter where a passion for nature comes to the fore, particularly in her floral works.

Jan’s paintings are as much about the paint as the picture – the paint is laid on thickly so that it catches the light and adds extra depth. This style of painting helps to capture the tremendous movement, thrills and glorious colours of sailing, both in a scenic and racing sense.

All of Jan’s originals are framed exclusively by Annan Frame Company. The frame width varies between 12.5cm for the smaller pieces and 20cm for the larger ones, so you need to add another 25x25cm to 40x40cm to the painting dimensions below.

Colours Up For The Race – Acrylic on Canvas – 80x40cm – £1,295
JN Colours Up For the Race

A Storming Line – Acrylic on Canvas – 80x40cm – SOLD
JN A Storming Line

Night Racers – Acrylic on Canvas – 60x60cm – £1,395
JN Night Racers

The Headland Race – Acrylic on Canvas – 70x30cm – £1,095
JN The Headland Race

Sailing Around The Bay – Acrylic on Linen – 12×12 inches – £625
JN Sailing around the Bay

Blustery Winds – Acrylic on Canvas – 24×24 inches – £1,395
JN Blustery Winds

Blowing Round The Headland – Acrylic on Canvas – 80x40cm – £1,295
JN Blowing Round the Headland

Tricky Overnight Winds – Acrylic on Canvas – 80x40cm – £1,295
JN Tricky Overnight Winds

Crowded Course – Acrylic on Canvas – SOLD
JN Crowded Course! 24x24

Crossing on Starboard – Acrylic on Canvas – 12×22 inches – £795
JN Crossing on Starboard

Calling for Water – Acrylic on Canvas – 60x60cm – £1395
JN - Calling for Water 60x60

Start of the Season – Acrylic on Canvas – 30x30cm – £625
JN Start of the Season 30x30

Wild Weather – Acrylic on Canvas – SOLD
JN Wild Weather 60x60