Jason Anderson

Jason left school at 16 and started his working life as a stained glass artist based in Bristol. He served a five-year apprenticeship and worked on many new and restoration projects including Wells, York Minster and Gloucester cathedrals. Now back in Dorset and working as a full time artist, Jason devotes a lot of time and energy on the background or setting of his pictures, often creating mini-portraits of key features giving each painting a context that helps to create the visual experience.

Says Jason, “I love painting scenes in and around the Dorset coastline where there is an abundance of inspiration. I try to capture the vibrant colours and light caught between the majestic, bellowing clouds and the crystal turquoise waters. Scenes ‘sandwiched’ in this way give perspective and context to our relationship with these forces of nature. With all of my work I like to experiment with the composition and clarity, which challenges and guides the viewer’s eye. I feel that this gives each piece layers of depth and creates a visual experience that is more than just a painting.”

Jason mostly uses acrylics as the short drying time allows him to work in uncontaminated blocks of colour. Each application has a consequence and each painting becomes a collection of these choices.

We have a great collection of Jason’s work at the gallery just in time for the new season…

Glow (60x60cm) Box Canvas – £395
JA Glow

Lilly Pond (90x60cm) Box Canvas – £595
JA Green & Gold

Clearing (60x60cm) Box Canvas – £395
JA In the Clear

Spring is Here (30x30cm) Box Canvas – £195
JA Spring is Here

Harbour Lights (60x60cm) Box Canvas – SOLD
JA Harbour Lights

Underworld (100x100cm) Framed Box Canvas – £895
JA Underworld

Roll (100x40cm) Framed Box Canvas – £695
JA Roll

Chesil Beach (60x30cm) Box Canvas – £295
JA Chesil Beach

Sunset Wreck (80x40cm) Framed Box Canvas – £495
JA Sunset Wreck

Zig Zag (30x30cm) Box Canvas – £195
JA Zig Zag

Portland Red (40x40cm) Box Canvas – £250
JA Portland Red

Whirl (60x60cm) Box Canvas – £395
JA Whirl

Rush (80x40cm) Framed Box Canvas – £495
JA Rush

Emeralds (40×40 cm) Box Canvas – £295
JA Emeralds

Weymouth Esplanade (60x30cm) Box Canvas – SOLD
JA Esplanade

Harbour Reach (30x60cm) Box Canvas – SOLD
JA Harbour Reach